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Hi there!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Pauline and I’m a hopeless dog lover. As a little kid I came back sneaking into the living room during bedtime, because I forgot to cuddle my dog.  And still I can’t resist randomly cuddling dogs on the street.  Obviously, the dog always catches my attention first, but often I seem to get caught up in a nice conversation with the dog owner. Even in countries where the language barrier causes difficulties, it is quite easy to make a connection with local dog owners.  That’s why  I can’t seem to shake the thought that dogs connect people.

What’s the purpose of Nothingbutdogs?

I simply started this website, because dogs make me happy. They give you unconditional love and loyalty. Dogs don’t judge a book by its cover and see the real person that you are. In times of distress, they will comfort you without asking.

As there are so many dogs around the world that all have different backgrounds, personalities and living surroundings, I want to capture the similarities and differences. But most importantly I want to share beautiful pictures of dogs all around the world. But since the website is called nothingbutdogs.com, you will  not only get to see pictures, but also cute dog video’s, tips and tricks, relevant articles and products.  And on a more serious note, I want to create awareness of local and international organisations that stand up for dog rights.

Curious? Check out my website!Profielfoto


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